As if Sweden wasn't suffering enough from the wounds of it's self-inflicted uncontrolled immigration policies, it has now voted to actually abolish it's own national identity and pass control of it's decision making policies in entirity to Brussels.


Sweden should be abolished as a sovereign nation and instead be part of a "European Federation," centrally controlled from Brussels reported Speisa this week.

This is the proposal the Liberals voted yes to at their national convention on Sunday.

It was the youth party Luf that had submitted the proposal. In the motion, "It's time for a federation," the Liberals should "take a stand for the European Union to eventually develop into a European federation."

According to the motion, the EU federation will be something similar to the United States, with its own president and a parliament with two chambers. The EU will also have the right to decide on member states' foreign and security policy, currency and monetary policy, environment, and fight against international crime and certain taxes.

This is apparent from the motion, which was passed by the Liberals, Sweden's seventh largest party, on Sunday.

On social media, many liberal profiles rejoice over that the proposal, which in practice means that Sweden is abolished as an independent country and becomes a state governed by Brussels, was adopted.