Migrant Who Raped And Killed German Teen Had Already Raped 12 Yr Old

[Tuesday, 12 September 2017 13:10]

Afghan asylum seeker who raped and killed daughter of EU official 'carried out a sex attack on a 12-year-old girl in his home country before heading to Europe'

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An Afghani migrant charged with the rape and murder of a German medical student also allegedly raped a young girl in his native country, local media reports. 

Hussein Khavari is currently standing trial in the south-western German university city of Freiburg over the death of 19-year-old Maria Ladenburger last October.

It has now emerged that Khavari might have carried out a similar attack in his native Afghanistan, raping a 12-year-old girl.

While Khavari was locked up in investigative custody, he allegedly told a fellow prisoner that he carried out the rape in Afghanistan when he was just 14.

A Freiburg police officer confirmed the story to the district court during Khavari's trial, where he has admitted to killing Ms Ladenburger,  whose father is a senior legal adviser to the European Commission in Brussels.

According to the police, the parents of Khavari made a settlement with the parents of the raped girl to keep the incident unreported.

It has also emerged that Khavari had been arrested and sentenced to ten years for attempted murder in Corfu in 2013 before coming to Germany seeking refuge in 2015. 

Khavari threw a 20-year-old student 25 feet down a cliff on the island of Corfu in May 2013. The woman was severely injured but miraculously survived the ordeal. 

Khavari did not report to parole officers after his early release from the Greek detention centre and authorities issued a search warrant for the Afghan migrant, but only in their own country. 

German authorities criticised the Greeks for "negligence", claiming that if they had known about Khavari’s past, he would have been flagged when he applied for asylum and not allowed into the country, which in turn could have prevented the grisly rape and murder of Ms Ladenburger. 

Yesterday, Khavari broke down and asked for forgiveness at his trial in Freiburg District Court, Germany


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