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  • Islam-Behind Closed Mosque Doors: 'Ignorant infidels' in U.S. may have to be 'forced' to accept Islam

    Radical imams from Virginia, Maryland and Texas recently attended a fund-raising event organized by an Islamist charity in which they were treated to a smorgasbord of teachings from foreign-based Islamic thinkers.
    pakistani speaker islamic conference america

    Keynote speaker from Pakistan addresses Islamist fundraising conference in Springfield, Virginia,

    on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017. Photo/Rabwah Times

    The prime delicacy was offered up by keynote speaker Habib-ur-Rehman Ludhianvi, a visiting Islamic cleric from Pakistan.

    Ludhiavi believes America is a “land of infidels,” whom he described as “ignorant.” His comments are a ringing example of what Muslim leaders say when they are behind closed doors and in the company of other Muslims, as opposed to the public comments meant for gullible infidel ears, security experts tell WND.

    The only reason the public knows what was said inside the Nov. 18 conference at a Holiday Inn in Springfield, Virginia, is because the gathering was infiltrated by Ehsan Rehan, the brave Pakistani-born journalist and editor of Rabwah Times who went undercover and captured video and audio.

    The keynote speaker, Ludhianavi, is leader of the Islamic seminary Dar-ul-Uloom, which is based in Pakistan but operates branches in the United States, Canada and the U.K., including one in St. Paul, Minnesota, that opened in a former Catholic church in 2014. There’s another in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and others in Warren, Michigan, and San Bernardino, California.

    On 12 Mile Road in Warren, the Darul Uloom Islamic Center and School is one of many Dar ul-Uloom madrassas that former Homeland Security officer and whistleblower Philip Haney has tracked and described as radical.

    Haney said San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farooq attended a Dar ul-Uloom mosque in that city and exchanged repeated text messages with the mosque’s imam in the months leading up to his attack on an office Christmas party that killed 14 Americans in December 2015.

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  • Trumps Destroys British PM In One Tweet: Focus On Your Muslim Terrorists Not My Twitter Posts

    Donald Trump lashes out at British prime minister over anti-Islam tweets

    Donald Trump has told British Prime Minister Theresa May to focus on Islamic terrorism after she critized his right-wing tweets. It is unusual for a US president to publically rebuke the leader of a key ally.

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    US President Donald Trump on Wednesday told British Prime Minister Theresa May in a tweet that she should not to focus on him but on "the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism" in the United Kingdom after she critcized his far-right, anti-Muslim tweets.


    .@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!


    The public broadside against the United States' closest ally came in response to criticism from the prime minister's office after Trump earlier in the day retweeted anti-Islam videos posted by the UK far-right Britain First group.

    Trump's retweeting of three videos posted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader Britain First, prompted outrage in the UK. Fransen had previously been convicted of a hate crime for hurling abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf.

    May's spokesman said it was "wrong" for Trump to circulate material purporting to show Muslim violence. Britain First's rhetoric is "the antithesis of the values that this country represents," the prime minister's office said. 

    Earlier in the day, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought to play down the anti-Muslim retweets, saying Trump wanted to "promote strong borders and strong national security."

    "Whether it's a real video, the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about," said Sanders.

    Trump on Twitter

    Trump earlier retweeted a video alleging a Muslim man destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.

    Trump's tweets sour relations with UK

    It is not the first time Trump has landed in hot water over tweets related to the UK.

    In September, Trump used a bomb attack on a London underground station to call for tougher measures against terrorism in a tweet that criticized Scotland Yard.

    The tweet said "sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard" carried out the attack, raising questions of whether Trump had shared classified intelligence during an ongoing investigation.   

    The tweet drew criticism from the UK prime minister and other politicians.

    In June, Trump criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying there was "no reason to be alarmed" after a terror attack on London Bridge and in Borough Market. He also used the London attacks to promote gun rights in the United States and slam political correctness. 

    US and UK political figures criticized Trump's tweets at the time.


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    Islam-Behind Closed Mosque Doors: 'Ignorant infidels' in U.S. may have to be 'forced' to accept Islam

  • Milo Yiannopoulos, Angry Lesbians And The Leather Shoe Attack - You Can't Make This Stuff Up !

    Milo Yiannopoulos took aim at 'angry lesbians' after a protester hurled a shoe at him during his speaking event in Sydney.

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    The leather slip-on was thrown at the outspoken author during Tuesday's show, but missed its target and slammed into the head of a female audience member. 

    'I sometimes wonder about being assassinated by angry lesbians. If that's any indication of their aim I don't think I need to worry too much,' Yiannopoulos said. 

    '[There's] no fear of me having a George Bush dodging-the-shoe moment when they can't even reach the second row. You f***ing losers.' 

    Four people were arrested for breaching the peace, one for assaulting a police officer, one for affray and one for not complying with direction. 

    Banners and placards saying 'f*** off Nazi scum' and 'kill yourself like Adolf Hitler' greeted Yiannopoulos he arrived to denounce Islam, feminism and cultural Marxism. 

    Police on horseback were called 'animals' and 'racist pigs' as they kept more than 70 youthful demonstrators to a patch of grass by the shores of the Parramatta River. 

    Protesters held signs including a large banner that said: 'First they came for the Muslims and we said, 'Not this time you f***er'.'  Read More


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