• Christmas Displays Destroyed And Shops Looted By Rioting Muslims In Brussels

    Over 500 Muslim “refugees” joined in a violent protest against Christianity in Brussels, looting and destroying all public Christmas displays they could find.

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    Why did they do this? Simple – Morocco just qualified for the world cup, and this is how they showed their national pride – by destroying Christian displays.

    Scenes like this are becoming more and more commonplace all over the Western world, as the powers that be bend over backwards to appease Muslims and pay jizya in any form they can.

    At least 22 police officers were injured. Civilian injuries have not been tabulated, per the EU law against publicly sharing information about non-muslim victims of Muslim crime.

    Countless stores and vehicles were also destroyed by these members of the “religion of peace.”

    Article Courtesy Of The Daily Crusader

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  • £5 Billion For Military Vehicles, Landing Craft And Drones And Still Brussels Deny Forming EU Army

    BRUSSELS looks set to approve a £5BILLION raft of measures which bring a European defence force a step closer.

    eu army

    European Union officials insist the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) proposals fall well short of creating a European army.

    But the 15 defence-related projects to be signed off next Monday include proposals for armoured vehicles, amphibious assault vehicles and light tactical vehicles as well as submarine drones.

    There are also plans for enhanced joint training programmes, a European medical command and projects relating to logistics such as the streamlining of cross-border military transport procedures.

    A cyber security upgrade and introduction of cyber rapid reaction units also stand out on the list of items to be approved.

    So far, 23 EU nations have signed up to the PESCO pact, which also includes commitments to integrate armed forces, boost defence spending and establish a new headquarters building. 

    Key EU member states including France and Germany have long-campaigned for greater defence and security integration.

    And plans for an EU army were fleshed out further by EU President Jean-Claude Juncker when he unveiled his grand vision for the future of the bloc earlier this year. 

    Speaking in September, Mr Juncker said: "In the field of defence more effort is required. The setting up of a European defence fund is on our agenda.” source

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  • Europe In Crisis: Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels

    Last month alone in Brussels, there were three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale.

    brussels riots efi news

    Article Courtesy Of The Gatestone Institute by 

    First, there was the qualification of the Moroccan team to the soccer World Cup: between 300 and 500 "youths" of foreign origin took to the streets of Brussels to "celebrate" the event in their own way, looting dozens of shops in the historical center of Brussels, wreaking havoc in the deserted avenues of the "capital of civilization" and, during their riot, injuring 22 police officers.

    Three days later, a social media rap music star nicknamed "Vargasss 92," who is a French citizen of foreign origin, decided to organize another unauthorized "celebration" in the center of Brussels, which quickly turned into another riot. Again, shops were destroyed and people assaulted for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Short clips of the event streamed onto the social networks, showing the world (and Belgians) the true face of Brussels without the politicians' makeover. No wonder the European political elite hate social media from the depths of their hearts; they prefer the sanitized (and, in both France and francophone Belgium, heavily subsidized) traditional press.

    Finally, on November 25, the socialist authorities in charge of the City of Brussels had the bright idea of authorizing a demonstration against slavery in Libya, which quickly descended into yet another riot: shops were destroyed, cars set on fire, 71 people arrested.

    This lawlessness, with not even the remotest political justification, is the new normal in Brussels. Politicians may not like that fact, which is the result of their lamentable failure, but it is nonetheless a massive and unavoidable fact. The new Brussels is characterized by riots and looting by people of foreign origin, as well as the ongoing heavily-armed military presence in the streets of Brussels, in place since March 22, 2016, the day that European Islamists murdered 32 and wounded 340 people in the worst-ever terrorist attack in Belgium.

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    One may wonder why these fine Belgian soldiers patrolling the streets do nothing to stop the rioters. For the simple reason that it is outside of their remit; should a soldier actually hurt a looter, he would probably be publicly chastised, pilloried by the media, put on trial and dishonorably discharged.

    It would be funny if it were not so serious. After the first two recent riots, Belgian state television (RTBF) organized a debate with politicians and pundits from Brussels. Among the participants was Senator Alain Destexhe, from the center-right Reformist Movement (the party of Belgium's Prime Minister).

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