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  • Human Rights Group Slams Spanish Decision To Put New Migrants In Prisons

    The Spanish government has been forced to defend its decision to house around 500 recently-arrived asylum seekers in a prison, following harsh criticism by human rights groups and NGOs, who slammed it as an “unfair criminalization” of migrants.


    Madrid justified its actions by saying that nearly a thousand asylum seekers landed on Spanish shores by boat between 17-19 November. New arrivals are usually detained by police before being sent to immigrant detention centers while their claims are being processed.

    However, claiming there was not enough space at existing detention centers, authorities sent around five hundred of mostly Algerian migrants to a new prison facility in the southern town of Archidona, near Malaga. The prison has state-of-the-art facilities including classrooms, an infirmary, sports fields, hairdressers, gym, occupational workshops, leisure rooms, showers and air conditioning, according to a government statement.

    “We feel it is better that the migrants be held in a center with the latest technology, with sanitary facilities, showers, heating, beds, sports areas than to put them in camps like in other countries,” AFP quoted Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido as telling radio Onda Cero.

    The decision, however, has come under heavy fire from human rights and migrant aid groups as well as NGOs. A joint statement issued by 22 organizations, including the Association for Human Rights of Andalusia (APDHA), the SOS Racism Federation and Doctors of the World, condemned the move as being illegal and criminalizing migrants. The statement also notedthat under Spanish law, processing centers for asylum seekers are not allowed to be prisons, and called on the Ministry of the Interior to “immediately rectify” the situation.

    “We are radically against this,” Alejandro Cortina, the head of local migrant rights group Malaga Acoge, told AFP. “We don't know if they will have staff authorized to detect human trafficking, or if a judge will monitor this facility.”

    The decision to hold asylum seekers in prison was also criticized by the by Jesuit Migration Service, who said keeping them there violated their “rights and constitutional guarantees” and “unfairly criminalizes people.” The Spanish Council of Lawyers said the migrants must be taken out of the jail immediately. 

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  • UK Schoolchildren Now Take Lessons In Gun And Knife Terror Attack Survival

    As the war on (Islamic) terror continues, authorities in the United Kingdom feel it necessary to educate 11 to 16 year old schoolchildren in gun and knife attack survival techniques. The following article is from a county newspaper in Lancashire, UK.

    anti terror image

    Potentially life-saving advice showing schoolchildren what to do if they are caught up in a terror attack is being made available to be taught in UK schools for the first time.

    Young people aged 11 to 16 will be urged to run to safety, hide and tell police should they become involved in a gun or knife attack, in guidance said to go "way beyond the basic messaging" of previous campaigns.

    An animated film, partly in the style of a comic strip, urges youths not to "waste time" taking pictures or videos of the scene, but instead to run away from danger.

    The film, entitled Run, Hide, Tell - The Story Of Nur, Edih and Llet, and specially-designed lesson plans will be made available to schools and youth organisations from Tuesday.


    It also advises young people on what to do should they see something suspicious, and an extra lesson teaching basic first aid is being made available.

    The lessons are not compulsory, but schools are being urged to use them to ensure the younger generation is prepared in the "unlikely event" of a terror attack, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D'Orsi said.

    Ms D'Orsi said: "Whilst we cannot make these lessons mandatory in schools, I would strongly urge education providers and youth organisations to consider delivering this life-saving information to the 11-to-16-year-olds in their care. Read More

  • Sweden Votes To Abolish Itself As A Sovereign Nation And Hand Over Control To Brussels

    As if Sweden wasn't suffering enough from the wounds of it's self-inflicted uncontrolled immigration policies, it has now voted to actually abolish it's own national identity and pass control of it's decision making policies in entirity to Brussels.


    Sweden should be abolished as a sovereign nation and instead be part of a "European Federation," centrally controlled from Brussels reported Speisa this week.

    This is the proposal the Liberals voted yes to at their national convention on Sunday.

    It was the youth party Luf that had submitted the proposal. In the motion, "It's time for a federation," the Liberals should "take a stand for the European Union to eventually develop into a European federation."

    According to the motion, the EU federation will be something similar to the United States, with its own president and a parliament with two chambers. The EU will also have the right to decide on member states' foreign and security policy, currency and monetary policy, environment, and fight against international crime and certain taxes.

    This is apparent from the motion, which was passed by the Liberals, Sweden's seventh largest party, on Sunday.

    On social media, many liberal profiles rejoice over that the proposal, which in practice means that Sweden is abolished as an independent country and becomes a state governed by Brussels, was adopted.


  • Migrants In Norway Claim Over Half Of The Country's Total Welfare Benefits

    Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie has raised alarm bells after a report has revealed that migrants account for half of the welfare beneficiaries in the country.


    The report, which comes from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), claims that not only are a disproportionate number of migrants receiving welfare, but many are living below the poverty line. Minister Hauglie has warned that the poor migrants could be forming an underclass in Norwegian society, Verdens Gang reports.

    “The report confirms that one of the main causes of poverty in Norway is immigration. 28.5 per cent of immigrants live in sustained low income,” Hauglie said.

    “It’s alarming. The worst thing that can happen is that immigrants and refugees become their own subclass in Norwegian society,” she added.

    From 2011 to 2015, the poverty rate in Norway has increased from 7.7 per cent to 9.3 per cent. Immigrants, though they only make up 16.8 per cent of the total population, account for 28.5 per cent of all people considered to be in poverty in the country.

    “To reduce poverty in Norway, more immigrants have to work,” Hauglie said. “Without language, it is difficult to get in the Norwegian labour market,” she added and recommended that more emphasis is put on having migrants learn Norwegian and not put them in jobs where they do not have frequent contact with native speakers.

    Neighbouring Sweden has also been dealing with similar statistics when it comes to newly arrived migrants being unable or unwilling to enter the labour market.

    Employment figures from earlier this year showed that the unemployment rate for native Swedes was a mere 3.9 per cent while the immigrant rate was 21.8 per cent.

    Language has been cited as a major factor for the high migrant unemployment rate in Sweden as well as poor qualifications and schooling backgrounds.

    Despite attempting to give migrants free courses to improve their education, the Swedish Employment Service noted in July that only three per cent of migrants showed any interest in attending schooling or work training. Source

  • Watch: Poland Release Damning Video Message To EU On Migrant Crisis And Terrorism

    Poland’s conservative government has released a hard-hitting video on the impact of the migrant crisis on Europe, and the EU’s role in fostering it.

    poland immigration

    scroll down for video

    The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration video opens on scenes of migrants streaming across the European countryside, tearing at border fences, and crowding smuggler boats.

    “Over the past four years, waves of the largest mass migration sweep across Europe,” observes an unseen narrator.

    The video shows various newspaper headlines featuring EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and President of the European Council Donald Tusk, and highlighting their determination to see migrants redistributed across the continent through a compulsory quota system — something Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party opposes.


  • France should introduce Sharia law and create a Muslim state to avoid civil war says professor

    A French academic has suggested creating a Muslim state within France in order to prevent a civil war.

    pray muslims france

    Professor Christian de Moliner claims that a second society has formed in France, which he described as: “A branch that wants to settle their lives on religious values and is fundamentally opposed to the liberal consensus on which our country was founded.

    “We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism.

    “We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name. Rather than veil the face or adopt unimaginable measures in democracy (remigration, forced evictions of the most radical), why not establish a dual system of law in France?”

    De Moliner writes that Emmanuel Macron winning the Presidential election will not make the problems disappear, it will only kick the can down the road.

    “We will never be able to eradicate the radical Islamism,” he says, adding: “While we are not yet at open war, the faithful of the Prophet are already regrouping in areas sometimes governed by special rules.”

    The academic’s ‘solution’ is to create a “state inspired by colonial Algeria and Mayotte of the twentieth century: one territory, one government, but two peoples: the French with the usual laws and Muslims with Qur’anic status (but only for those who choose it).”

    “The latter will have the right to vote unlike the natives of colonial Algeria, but they will apply Shariah in everyday life, to regulate matrimonial laws (which will legalize polygamy) and inheritance.”

    “They will no longer apply to French judges for disputes between Muslims, but to Cadis. On the other hand, conflicts between Christians and believers will remain the responsibility of ordinary courts.”

    “However, this system would involve schools or hospitals reserved for believers and therefore the creation of local committees that will manage them independently. A council of ulemas will fix the religious law, but the autonomy will stop there.”

    “It is obviously out of the question that an embryonic Muslim government is settling in France.”

    “This system worked without too many problems from 1890 to 1940 in Algeria.”

    It’s sad that this is now openly being regarded as a solution to Europes Islamism problem…

  • The Norway model: a new approach to immigration and asylum

    While Angela Merkel tries to form a government, reeling from the political fallout of her immigration policy, Norway’s Conservative-led coalition entered its second term – and is pursuing a very different approach to migration than its neighbour, Sweden.

    Screen Shot sylvi listhaug

    Last week I met Sylvi Listhaug, who holds a recently-created position: Minister for Immigration & Integration. She’s with the Progress Party, the junior partner in coalition, and is usually called things like ‘outspoken’ and ‘controversial’ and I was keen when we met to find out what kind of radical views she holds. At the end of the interview, I was left wondering if her analysis is actually further-sighted and more morally defensible than the Merkel approach.

    Norway’s approach has been different from the offset. When Sweden accepted 160,000 asylum-seekers in 2015, the Norwegians took in 30,000 – and this year, so far, it’s 2,000. In her interview, she outlined the following elements of the Norwegian model.

    1) Norway starts by acknowledging that the rich world has a moral duty to help refugees, but it goes further. The tougher moral question, it says, is: how do you help them? And if you can help far more refugees in camps abroad for the cost of helping one at home, what do you do? Britain is also thinking this way, although it tends to be less open about discussing it. Ms Listhaug had just met Brandon Lewis, her British counterpart, when I spoke to her. She explained that the UK could help 100,000 children abroad for the cost of helping 3,000 here. In which case, isn’t the moral duty of a government to help the many and not the few?

    2). Norway spends huge sums (1% of its GDP) on foreign aid. Last year it was 36.6 billion kroner (about £3 billion) or 1.1 per cent of our GDP. This is about twice the EU average, and far above the UK’s 0.7 per cent (or Germany’s 0.5pc). In Syria, Norway has pledged a total of 10 billion kroner (£920m) over four years. Of course, Norway has a billion-dollar sovereign wealth fund at its disposal.

    3) Norway uses its foreign aid budget to help settle refugees in Norway. Helping refugees at home is a humanitarian mission, albeit one carried at home, so it is categorised as foreign aid. The UK cannot do this as David Cameron passed a law obliging his (and future) governments only to count money spent in certain nations (as opposed to on certain people). Norway has used its flexibility to have a two-track approach to handling refugees.

    4) Norway turns away all immigrants who are not in need of protection. “If you are an economic migrant, you are declined in Norway. We give protection for the ones that need that, that are in danger in their own country but we also spend a lot of money to return people that are declined in Norway, also by force’. Police are sent to look for illegal immigrants in restaurants and other places ‘where black [market] labour is common… if we find them we will send them out. That has also decreased the crime in Norway, that’s very good'” Read More

  • Shots Fired As Car Loaded With Migrants Rams French Police Officers

    A car with Iraqi and Afghan migrants reportedly heading to the United Kingdom ploughed into police officers in northern France.


    A car carrying migrants sped toward police officers in the northern French city of Calais, with at least one serviceman receiving injuries, the LCI broadcaster reported on Saturday night. The incident took place when the officers stopped the vehicle to carry out the search of the car.

    "As a result of the hit, an officer received a knee injury, [after which] security forces had to open fire," local authorities said as quoted by the broadcaster.

    A total of nine migrants were reportedly in the car, namely six Iraqis and three Afghan nationals. They were supposedly trying to cross the border with the United Kingdom.

    Many migrants are trying to get into the United Kingdom via Calais, which is located in the vicinity of the Channel Tunnel linking the country to continental Europe. In late October 2016, local authorities decided to demolish a huge migrant camp known as Jungle, which accommodated around 10,000 people.

    Currently, France is renegotiating the Le Touquet agreement with the United Kingdom regulating the flow of third-country migrants from France. The UK media has recently reported that that the United Kingdom was planning to pay up to 90 million euros ($106 million) to France to renew security contracts to reinforce its border control at Eurotunnel terminals in Calais, Coquilles and Dunkirk after a surge in illegal crossings into the country. 

    The migration issue in Europe has been escalating since 2015 as a result of the worst migration crisis in recent history, with the EU struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants fleeing hostilities and poverty in Middle Eastern and African countries. Source

  • Armed Migrants Injured In 'Smuggling Dispute' During Gunfight At French Port Of Calais

    FIVE Afghan migrants were wounded earlier today after a gun fight took place in the northern French port of Calais.

    Calais junge Afghan migrant smugglers gun fight 884411

    Gunshots were exchanged between groups of Afghanis today in the late afternoon, the local prefect’s office said.

    A police source told Reuters the incident occurred during what was probably a dispute between migrant smugglers.

    The shots were fired near the local Secours Catholique charity on the outskirts of Calais.

    Three migrants were being treated in a Calais hospital and a fourth, who was more seriously wounded, had been transferred to a hospital in Lille.

    A fifth was treated at the scene.

    "An exchange of fire with the protagonists of Afghan nationality - one imagines (it is) a settling of scores between traffickers, though that still has to be confirmed," the prosecutor at nearby Boulogne said.

    He added police were expected shortly to begin questioning victims and witnesses.

    Calais has long been a location for migrants hoping to eventually reach Britain due to the short distance across the English Channel.

    Authorities cleared the makeshift "Jungle" camp in the town last year, but people hoping to get into Britain by crossing the Channel in trains or ferries are steadily returning.

    The incident comes after it was recently revealed that Britain will hand over even more moneyto France to ramp up security at the port.

    The extra figure is believed to run into the tens of millions of pounds, although the final sum has not been revealed by the Home Office.

  • Norway Tells Muslim Migrants - No Free Ride - 'You WILL Work And You WILL Serve Pork And Alcohol'

    The Norwegian Prime Minister demanded that it is not a “complex issue” for migrants arriving in her country – they must “work to sustain a living” and “cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they serve pork or alcohol” for religious reasons.

    ema solberg

    Ema Solberg said while her country is happy to accept migrants they must not expect that Norway will pay them any benefits if are refuse work.

    have and successfully challenged  migrant quotas, which enabled them to maintain the regular border checks that were introduced at the beginning of this year, and designed to limit the flow of irregular migrants.

    “You have to work to sustain a living, you cannot say no to jobs like working in a restaurant where they will serve pork or alcohol.


    “You cannot expect that the Norwegian society will pay you benefits if you are refusing to work for religious reasons.

    See Also: The Norway model: a new approach to immigration and asylum

    EU law states that member states can only bring in emergency frontier controls for an initial period of two months, which can be extended to a maximum of six months in extreme circumstances. 

    Speaking on Euronews’ Global Conversation, Ms Solberg said: “It is part of our normal educational system that you are discussing why people are fleeing from countries, what is the convention what is the responsibilities we have, this is all part of the school curriculum in Norway.

    “There is also a clear view that if you move and get refuge, you have to live by Norwegian standards, you can’t come and think you live in your home country when it comes to women’s rights, not to be puzzled if you see two men kiss on the street, because there are gay people in our countries and it is normal, it’s part of our system.”

    Upon being challenged about religious differences between her country and that of arriving migrants, she rebuked: “I do not think it is a complex issue that if you are going to come to country.

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  • Swedish MP Forced To Resign After 'Muslims Not Fully Human' Comment

    A politician in Sweden has been forced to step down after he said in a live TV debate that Muslims were not “fully human”.

    martin strid

    Martin Strid, a member of the right-wing Sweden Democrats, sparked the controversy when he ranked Islamists on a scale of “0 to 100” while speaking at a party national conference.

    "On one end you are 100 per cent human, a person, everything that’s part of that concept. At the other end, you are 100 per cent Mohammedan," he said, according to a translation of his comments by the Swedish edition of The Local.

    Mr Strid’s party colleagues immediately denounced his comments, with its secretary Richard Jomshof saying the statement amounted to "racism".

    "Everyone has fundamental human worth, the same for everyone. If you think that someone has a worse value based on a certain skin colour or the community they are part of, that is racism for me. We will not accept that," Mr Jomshof said

    Mr Strid tried to explain himself by saying Isis members were "close to being 100 per cent Mohammedan" but added that "all Muslims are somewhere on that scale".

    The local politician from the town of Borlänge added: "If you are an ex-Muslim you have come quite far towards being fully human.” He was speaking at the party’s national conference in Norrköping, Östergötland in the south east of Sweden.

    SD board member and MP Aron Emilsson later officially distanced the party from Mr Strid.

    "It is a statement we, from the party leadership, take a clear distance from. Categorising people and human values ​​based on what religious beliefs you have is a way we cannot argue,” it said, according to a report by SVT. “It is contrary to our basic view of human dignity.”

    Mr Emilsson’s statement did not call for Mr Strid to step down, only saying his comments “will certainly be handled in some way".

    Mr Strid later apologised for his statement after a barrage of criticism.


    Norway Tells Muslim Migrants - No Free Ride - 'You WILL Work And You WILL Serve Pork And Alcohol'

    Fire Brigade Now Need Armed Police Escort In Migrant Suburbs Of Sweden

    France should introduce Sharia law and create a Muslim state to avoid civil war says professor


  • Video:Tear Gas And Grenades Fired As Greek Football Fans Give Muslims At Rally 'A Good Kicking' On Way To Football Match

    Almost 1000 Greek football fans who were heading to a local football game came across a march by muslims in the Greek city of Athens and the result was mayhem.

    Screen Shot 2017 11 26 at 6.57.28 PM 300x247

    Riot police were called as violence broke out with tear gas and stun grenades fired by the Police.

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     Norway Tells Muslim Migrants - No Free Ride - 'You WILL Work And You WILL Serve Pork And Alcohol'

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  • Norwegian School To Include Readings From The Quran In Christmas Program

    Islamic influence in Norway appears to be growing despite clear and concise statements from the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration appearing to defend Norwegian values and traditions.

    Quran Verses in Norway School Christmas Program efi news

    So how a state funded school can take it upon itself to dilute traditional Christian values and include in it's Christmas celebrations verses from the Quran (which has over 109 verses telling Muslims to subjugate or kill non-muslims) is completely contrary to official statements.  

    EFI News contacted the Minister For Immigration Sylvi Listhaug for clarification on this issue but her office have so far declined to make any comment. We found this article in, of all places, Christians In Pakistan Website.

    In Norway, the city of Skien an elementary school has announced that its Christmas celebrations this year will include not only the usual reading of verses from the Bible by students but also two verses from the Quran. All of the verses are about Jesus whom Islam considers a prophet and not the Son of God.


    Historically, Norway has been called a Christian country. Majority of the population are members of the Church of Norway with 71.5 percent of the population. The people are officially belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. The Norwegian official holidays are Christmas, Easter and their National Day.


    Even though many Norwegians do not attend church regularly since the country still celebrates its one thousand year old Christian heritage. At Christmas time, the streets are decorated with lights and wreaths. Every home has a Christmas tree, and you can’t turn on the radio without listening to Christmas hymns.


    Since Christmas is not an Islamic festival and holy day, this misleading innovation will guide the whole generation of Norwegian children grow up thinking that Allah and the Quran have something to do with Christmas.


    When the school’s spokesperson was interviewed by the newspaper, he explained the reason for including the Quran verses. He said that “to create respect and understanding between different religions” Quran verses are added.


    But critics say that how the two Quran verses in a Christmas program would serve to increase any child’s awareness of the extensive theological differences between Christianity and Islam.

    Hanne Tolg, the blogger who broke the story herself noted that inserting Quran verses into a Christmas event will do nothing but cause misunderstanding.


    In a commentary for the Gatestone Institute (think tank that publishes articles, particularly relevant to Islam and the Middle East), Bruce Bower (American writer who has been a resident of Norway) warned, “the school’s Christmas plans provide yet another example of dhimmitude: craven European submission to Islam.”

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  • Christmas Displays Destroyed And Shops Looted By Rioting Muslims In Brussels

    Over 500 Muslim “refugees” joined in a violent protest against Christianity in Brussels, looting and destroying all public Christmas displays they could find.

    20141106 brusselsprouts8

    Why did they do this? Simple – Morocco just qualified for the world cup, and this is how they showed their national pride – by destroying Christian displays.

    Scenes like this are becoming more and more commonplace all over the Western world, as the powers that be bend over backwards to appease Muslims and pay jizya in any form they can.

    At least 22 police officers were injured. Civilian injuries have not been tabulated, per the EU law against publicly sharing information about non-muslim victims of Muslim crime.

    Countless stores and vehicles were also destroyed by these members of the “religion of peace.”

    Article Courtesy Of The Daily Crusader

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  • 'Kill Their Babies With Burning Oil' ISIS Orders Lone Wolf Attacks On Western Children

    Calls by an Islamic State-linked group for so-called lone wolves to murder Western children are going viral in Islamic fundamentalist chat rooms.

    md Hand baby

    The violent message was uncovered by the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist activity on the internet.

    “I wish that I could travel to Europe or America or Australia and, by Allah, burn their children with oil in place of their men and women,” read the message, which was disseminated widely online.

    “I would not choose a market, club, shopping centre, or park… no… no… no… I would choose a kindergarten and a maternity hospital to slaughter them.”

    “Many other terrorist groups have pushed the idea of avenging civilian deaths within their areas of operation [in Syria] by targeting children in [government-controlled] cities and especially the children of those associated with the government and the military,” noted Harrison Akins, a researcher at the Howard Baker Center.

    “However, by calling for the targeting of children in Western countries by lone wolf terrorists, an especially heinous and morally reprehensible act of violence, they are perhaps demonstrating both their current weakness and their desperation.”

    Newsweek reported on the messages as much of the mainstream media was transfixed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s social media activities, which managed to draw in British prime minister Theresa May.

    “Theresa May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom,” the President shot back. “We are doing just fine!”

    British children have already been the targets of radical Islamic terrorism, most noticeably during the Manchester Arena terror bombing in May 2017, which was carried out by the son of an Islamist refugee from Libya.

    “ISIS has made numerous justifications of killing children, stating in issue five of its Rumiyah magazine: ‘one should not grieve over the collateral killing of kafir [infidel] women and children’,” observed SITE Intelligence director Rita Katz.

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  • Nazi Style Surveillance Plan Strikes Fear As Germany Panics Over Terrorism

    BERLIN  - The German government is considering legal changes that would oblige operators of car and house alarm systems to help law enforcement in their efforts to spy on potential terrorists or criminals, a spokesman for the interior ministry said on Friday.


    Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, a conservative, plans to discuss the issue with security officials across the country next week in a bid to remove what he sees as hurdles to better surveillance, the spokesman said.

    But those plans have already sparked criticism from Social Democrats (SPD), who are partners in the current German caretaker government and are under pressure to renew the “grand coalition” that ruled Germany for the past four years.

    Surveillance is a sensitive issue in Germany given its legacy of spying by East Germany’s Stasi secret police and the Nazi era Gestapo.

    Boris Pistorius, an SPD member and interior minister of the state of Lower Saxony, said de Maiziere’s plans were premature and “panicked”, and called for a more measured approach.

    “2017 is not Orwell’s 1984,” he told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung in an interview to be published on Saturday. “We need sound judgement and not exaggeration.”

    In the past, law enforcement officials have run into difficulty installing secret listening devices in cars and apartments because individuals were tipped off by security systems in electronic gadgets connected to the internet, or received text messages when their cars were opened.

    Officials were now exploring legal changes that would require alarm system operators to provide law enforcement with specific tools that would enable them to secretly open and circumvent alarm systems in cases involving suspected terrorist activity or organised crime, the spokesman said.

    He said authorities were not seeking access to suspects’ computers, smart phones or other electronic devices.

  • Migrant Starts Fire in Asylum Home Because He Was ‘Frustrated’

    A Lebanese asylum seeker found guilty of attempting to burn down his asylum home said he did so out of frustration at not being given a job.

    german fire truck

    A court heard that 26-year-old Hussein F. had come to Germany two years ago from Dubai, where he had lived for six years, and paid £11,000 ($15,000) for a Schengen area visa

    He was placed in an asylum home in Hannover where, on June 12th, he set his mattress on fire. His lawyer Tanja Brettschneider claimed the asylum seeker has snapped because he was “looking for a better life, but was not allowed to work”, German tabloid Bild reports.

    The 26-year-old even gave warning to authorities of his plans in advance when he marched down to the city hall and demanded his own accommodation saying that otherwise, he would set the asylum home on fire.

    It took 66 firemen, 14 police officers, and six paramedics two full hours to put out the blaze which caused £4,610 of damages. No one was injured in the fire.

    The judge in the case found the asylum seeker guilty and handed down a suspended two-year sentence and 250 hours of community service. The judge warned that the sentence could have been far greater if anyone had been injured as the asylum seeker would have been charged with attempted murder.  Read More

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  • Police in Germany use water cannon at protest against AfD party – video

    German police clashed with protesters in Hanover on Saturday as thousands of people gathered in an attempt to disrupt the far-right AfD party's conference. The  protesters marched carrying placards reading 'Hanover against Nazis' and 'Stand up to racism'

    germany afd protet

    The nationalist wing of the German anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland has been strengthened and moderate forces sidelined at a party conference marked by protests this weekend.

    Several people were reportedly hurt in clashes between protesters and police in the city of Hanover on Saturday as the AfD congress chose Alexander Gauland to return to the co-leader post he had held until 2015. Gauland opposes the expulsion of Björn Höcke, an AfD member who said history should be rewritten to focus on German victims of the second world war.

    Read More

  • Rejected Asylum Seekers In Germany Offered 3000 Euros To Go Home Before March

    The German Interior Ministry is offering rejected asylum seekers a hefty bonus to go to their country of origin voluntarily rather than face deportation.
    Euro and US dollar notes
    This is a new effort to turn back the refugee tide brought on by Angela Merkel’s “open door” policy.

    The offer is intended to supplement the existing program dubbed ‘StarthilfePlus,’ which provides help to those migrants who decide to voluntarily return home.

    Under the scheme, any participant over 12 years old withdrawing their application for asylum receives €1,200.

    Already-rejected asylum seekers who waive their right to appeal the decision in court are given €800, and children below the age of 12 get half the sum.

    The new program, dubbed ‘Your country. Your future. Now!’ promises significantly more generous payouts to those who decide to return voluntarily. Families are eligible for up to €3,000 ($3,570) and individuals for up to €1,000 ($1,190) in addition to the payouts under ‘StarthilfePlus.’

    See Also: Migrant Ban Begins In German Town Where Locals Fear The Future

    The new offer, however, is time-limited and will last only until the end of February 2018. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere made use of an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper to promote the new program.

    “There are opportunities in your homeland. We will support…your reintegration,” de Maiziere said, addressing the migrants directly. “When you voluntarily decide to return by the end of February, in addition to startup help you can provisionally receive housing cost help for the first 12 months in your homeland.”

    The new incentive to leave comes as Germany is struggling with the consequences of Angela Merkel’s “open door” policy towards refugees and migrants flooding out of the Middle East and north Africa. Since 2015, over a million people have arrived in Germany and many are staying illegally, since deportations are difficult to enforce.

    Some 300,000 asylum seekers had their applications rejected by Germany last year, spelling a surge in deportations compared to 80,000 in 2016. The government has now agreed to cap the number of refugees at 200,000, but authorities are likely to remain swamped with applications for years to come, according to an internal document leaked to media in October.