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Social Unrest / Civil War
Human Rights Group Slams Spanish Decision To Put New Migrants In Prisons
UK Schoolchildren Now Take Lessons In Gun And Knife Terror Attack Survival
Sweden Votes To Abolish Itself As A Sovereign Nation And Hand Over Control To Brussels
Migrants In Norway Claim Over Half Of The Country's Total Welfare Benefits
Watch: Poland Release Damning Video Message To EU On Migrant Crisis And Terrorism
France should introduce Sharia law and create a Muslim state to avoid civil war says professor
The Norway model: a new approach to immigration and asylum
Shots Fired As Car Loaded With Migrants Rams French Police Officers
Armed Migrants Injured In 'Smuggling Dispute' During Gunfight At French Port Of Calais
Norway Tells Muslim Migrants - No Free Ride - 'You WILL Work And You WILL Serve Pork And Alcohol'
Swedish MP Forced To Resign After 'Muslims Not Fully Human' Comment
Video:Tear Gas And Grenades Fired As Greek Football Fans Give Muslims At Rally 'A Good Kicking' On Way To Football Match
Norwegian School To Include Readings From The Quran In Christmas Program
Christmas Displays Destroyed And Shops Looted By Rioting Muslims In Brussels
'Kill Their Babies With Burning Oil' ISIS Orders Lone Wolf Attacks On Western Children
Nazi Style Surveillance Plan Strikes Fear As Germany Panics Over Terrorism
Migrant Starts Fire in Asylum Home Because He Was ‘Frustrated’
Police in Germany use water cannon at protest against AfD party – video