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  • Arrest Of 2nd Richest Man In Saudi Kingdom Could 'Destabilize Whole Country'

    The purge in Saudi Arabia continues as the Kingdom's 2nd richest man is arrested and the consequences could bring down an entire country.

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    Saudi authorities have arrested Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi a duel national with Saudi and Ethiopian citizen and is reportedly the second richest Saudi, after Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.

    While bin Talal’s arrest has gained most media attention. Al-Amoudi’s arrest is especially important because it could potentially destabilize the economy of an entire country, according to Middle East Eye.

    Al-Amoudi, who is also known as “the Sheikh”, has invested in almost every sector of Ethiopia’s economy, including hotels, agriculture and astrology.

    According to a leaked diplomatic cable from 2008 “the Sheikh’s influence on the Ethiopian economy cannot be underestimated.”

    In the nearly ten years a since then it has become even harder to estimate the exact value of Al-Amoudi’s total investment in Ethiopia, which is among the fastest developing countries in Africa. One analyst estimated the value of the Sheikh’s investment at $3.4 billion, which represents 4.7 per cent of Ethiopia’s current GDP.

    Another said his companies employ about 100,000 people, which represent 14 per cent of the Ethiopian private sector, according to the latest Labour Force Survey, 2013. However, World Bank analysts warn that these figures might have markedly increased over the past four years as the sector has developed since then. Read More

  • Sweden Votes To Abolish Itself As A Sovereign Nation And Hand Over Control To Brussels

    As if Sweden wasn't suffering enough from the wounds of it's self-inflicted uncontrolled immigration policies, it has now voted to actually abolish it's own national identity and pass control of it's decision making policies in entirity to Brussels.


    Sweden should be abolished as a sovereign nation and instead be part of a "European Federation," centrally controlled from Brussels reported Speisa this week.

    This is the proposal the Liberals voted yes to at their national convention on Sunday.

    It was the youth party Luf that had submitted the proposal. In the motion, "It's time for a federation," the Liberals should "take a stand for the European Union to eventually develop into a European federation."

    According to the motion, the EU federation will be something similar to the United States, with its own president and a parliament with two chambers. The EU will also have the right to decide on member states' foreign and security policy, currency and monetary policy, environment, and fight against international crime and certain taxes.

    This is apparent from the motion, which was passed by the Liberals, Sweden's seventh largest party, on Sunday.

    On social media, many liberal profiles rejoice over that the proposal, which in practice means that Sweden is abolished as an independent country and becomes a state governed by Brussels, was adopted.


  • Trumps Destroys British PM In One Tweet: Focus On Your Muslim Terrorists Not My Twitter Posts

    Donald Trump lashes out at British prime minister over anti-Islam tweets

    Donald Trump has told British Prime Minister Theresa May to focus on Islamic terrorism after she critized his right-wing tweets. It is unusual for a US president to publically rebuke the leader of a key ally.

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    US President Donald Trump on Wednesday told British Prime Minister Theresa May in a tweet that she should not to focus on him but on "the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism" in the United Kingdom after she critcized his far-right, anti-Muslim tweets.


    .@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!


    The public broadside against the United States' closest ally came in response to criticism from the prime minister's office after Trump earlier in the day retweeted anti-Islam videos posted by the UK far-right Britain First group.

    Trump's retweeting of three videos posted by Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader Britain First, prompted outrage in the UK. Fransen had previously been convicted of a hate crime for hurling abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf.

    May's spokesman said it was "wrong" for Trump to circulate material purporting to show Muslim violence. Britain First's rhetoric is "the antithesis of the values that this country represents," the prime minister's office said. 

    Earlier in the day, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought to play down the anti-Muslim retweets, saying Trump wanted to "promote strong borders and strong national security."

    "Whether it's a real video, the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about," said Sanders.

    Trump on Twitter

    Trump earlier retweeted a video alleging a Muslim man destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary.

    Trump's tweets sour relations with UK

    It is not the first time Trump has landed in hot water over tweets related to the UK.

    In September, Trump used a bomb attack on a London underground station to call for tougher measures against terrorism in a tweet that criticized Scotland Yard.

    The tweet said "sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard" carried out the attack, raising questions of whether Trump had shared classified intelligence during an ongoing investigation.   

    The tweet drew criticism from the UK prime minister and other politicians.

    In June, Trump criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying there was "no reason to be alarmed" after a terror attack on London Bridge and in Borough Market. He also used the London attacks to promote gun rights in the United States and slam political correctness. 

    US and UK political figures criticized Trump's tweets at the time.


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  • Police in Germany use water cannon at protest against AfD party – video

    German police clashed with protesters in Hanover on Saturday as thousands of people gathered in an attempt to disrupt the far-right AfD party's conference. The  protesters marched carrying placards reading 'Hanover against Nazis' and 'Stand up to racism'

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    The nationalist wing of the German anti-immigration party Alternative für Deutschland has been strengthened and moderate forces sidelined at a party conference marked by protests this weekend.

    Several people were reportedly hurt in clashes between protesters and police in the city of Hanover on Saturday as the AfD congress chose Alexander Gauland to return to the co-leader post he had held until 2015. Gauland opposes the expulsion of Björn Höcke, an AfD member who said history should be rewritten to focus on German victims of the second world war.

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  • Milo Yiannopoulos, Angry Lesbians And The Leather Shoe Attack - You Can't Make This Stuff Up !

    Milo Yiannopoulos took aim at 'angry lesbians' after a protester hurled a shoe at him during his speaking event in Sydney.

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    The leather slip-on was thrown at the outspoken author during Tuesday's show, but missed its target and slammed into the head of a female audience member. 

    'I sometimes wonder about being assassinated by angry lesbians. If that's any indication of their aim I don't think I need to worry too much,' Yiannopoulos said. 

    '[There's] no fear of me having a George Bush dodging-the-shoe moment when they can't even reach the second row. You f***ing losers.' 

    Four people were arrested for breaching the peace, one for assaulting a police officer, one for affray and one for not complying with direction. 

    Banners and placards saying 'f*** off Nazi scum' and 'kill yourself like Adolf Hitler' greeted Yiannopoulos he arrived to denounce Islam, feminism and cultural Marxism. 

    Police on horseback were called 'animals' and 'racist pigs' as they kept more than 70 youthful demonstrators to a patch of grass by the shores of the Parramatta River. 

    Protesters held signs including a large banner that said: 'First they came for the Muslims and we said, 'Not this time you f***er'.'  Read More


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  • Huge Increase In Right Wing Extremists Being Caused By Reckless EU Migrant Policy

    THE new Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has warned the European Union its actions of forcing countries to take in migrants will fuel the rise of populism as it allows the influence of extremist parties to grow.

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    Mr Babis said a Brussels diktat forcing his country to accept asylum-seekers would only fuel the rise of extremist parties. 

    Mr Babis said: “The European Commission can withdraw the charge at any moment.

    “We have to negotiate on this and to offer different models, like guarding the borders or help to other countries.

    “But we don’t want any refugees”. 

    The European Commission has claimed that it would take Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to the European Court of Justice if they do not take in asylum seekers. 

    Mr Babis is due to represent his country at the EU summit on December 14 and 15, where European leaders are set to discuss migration.

    The Czechs do not want to shelter asylum-seekers despite a drop in arrivals because of tighter borders. 

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  • Geert Wilders calls for Trump-style Muslim travel ban in Europe

    Dutch Freedom party leader tells far-right gathering in Prague Europe should also turn back migrant boats like Australia


    European countries should adopt Donald Trump-style travel bans to counter a wave of Islamisation supposedly sweeping the continent, the Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders has said.

    Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands’ Freedom party (PVV), made his comments at a gathering of far-right leaders in Prague. He also urged Europe to adopt Australia’s tactics in turning back migrant boats and to build new border walls, as Trump has vowed to do along the US frontier with Mexico.

    Wilders was flanked during his press conference by France’s Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, and Tomio Okamura, the leader of the Czech Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD), which finished joint third in recent parliamentary election with nearly 11% of the vote.

    Security was tight at the press event, held at a hotel just off Wenceslas Square, apparently in recognition of death threats against Wilders in response to his fierce denunciations of Islam.

    Wilders, who was convicted last year by a Dutch court for incitement against Moroccans, cited US research he claimed showed that the Czech Republic would be bordered to the north, south and west by countries that were more than 20% Muslim by the middle of the century if current demographic trends continued.

    “It will be almost as if you are bordering a kind of Gaza Strip on almost every border,” he said.

    “We must adopt a totally new strategy. We must have the courage to restrict legal immigration instead of expanding it, even if we sometimes have to build a wall.”

    Trump’s travel ban, which applies to six Muslim-majority nations plus North Korea and Venezuela, has been one of his most controversial policies. It has been the subject of various challenges in court, and rulings that have overturned and suspended it. The US supreme court ruled this month that it could be implemented for now while numerous challenges were resolved.

    The Prague gathering came at an encouraging moment for the organisers, the European parliament’s populist Europe of Nations and Freedom grouping,. The Austrian Freedom party (FPO), one of the participants, became the only far-right party in government in a western European state on Friday, after joining a coalition with the conservative People’s party.

    That followed a year of setbacks for Wilders and Le Pen, who failed to make the electoral breakthroughs many had forecast. The PVV remains in opposition in the Netherlands after a poorer than predicted parliamentary election result last March, and Emmanuel Macron beat Le Pen in the second round of France’s presidential poll in May.

    A similar meeting last January in the German town of Koblenz was held amid euphoric expectations of major successes in 2017.

    Le Pen said Europe’s rightwing groups were linked by a belief that the European Union was a “catastrophic, disastrous organisation” and that the migration flows were “unbearable”. She also praised Okamura, with whom she said she had been working for many months.

    Tokyo born-Okamura, the son of a part-Japanese father and Czech mother, said the parties were defending European values.

    Wilders, Le Pen and Okamura later received rousing ovations at the weekend’s main event, a conference at the Top Hotel, a nondescript Communist-era facility in Chodov, a bleak suburb several miles from the centre of Prague.

    The venue was cordoned off, a police helicopter hovered overhead and riot police monitored two groups of leftwing protesters.

    “The dangerous thing is that the extreme views we see on display here have entered the mainstream, with even the Czech Social Democrats accepting them,” said Honza, a protest organiser who declined to give his full name for safety reasons.

    Similar mistrust was evident inside, where security personnel scrutinised journalists closely and escorted them to and from a sectioned-off area.

    The independent British MEP, Janice Atkinson, a former Ukip member, invoked the Czech fight against communism, the failed 1968 Prague Spring and Margaret Thatcher to encourage her audience to campaign for a Czexit referendum that could enable the Czech Republic to follow Britain out of the EU.

    “As Margaret Thatcher said, Europe is stronger precisely because France is France, Spain is Spain, Britain is Britain and, just as important, Czech is Czech,” she said. “Long live the Europe of nations. Long live the Czech Republic.”