MPs have voted in favour of passing the European Union Withdrawal Bill. Politicians in the lower house of parliament approved the legislation by a margin of 324 to 295.

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The bill will sever ties with the EU and transfer European law into UK law.

The Government saw off a series of proposed amendments during a two-hour voting period. Brexit Secretary David Davis said the Bill was essential for ‘preparing the country for the historic milestone’ of withdrawing from the EU.


Mr Davis said: ‘We are pleased that the Bill has successfully completed this stage of its passage through Parliament. ‘From the beginning our approach has been to work constructively with MPs from across the House wherever possible to improve the bill.

‘This is a critical piece of legislation that aims to maximise certainty for individuals and businesses after our exit.

‘We are looking forward to working with peers as the bill enters its next stage of scrutiny in the House of Lords at the end of this month.’

The legislation will now move on to the next stage in the upper chamber. The House of Lords will scrutinise the bill before it can become law and any changes made by the lords will require approval from the lower house. The process could take until May to complete.