After another violent and deadly week of attacks by economic migrants on the people of European cities, and retribution by armed citizens, one simple question which is already being shouted out loud by the so called 'far-right' is quite simply:

When will this madness stop?

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When will European countries put an end to the utter madness that threatens to destroy their own cultures and permanantly alter their established way of life? 

Can they really not see that their towns and cities are changing dramaticaly? The life they once took for granted and sometimes bemoaned is rapidly being replaced by a far more sinister and subjugating social system.

Italy this week is the centre of attention after an African migrant was arrested fror raping murdering and chopping to peices a local Italian girl.

In retribution a local man shot exclusively at migrants during a drive-by attack injuring 6.

This kind of social unrest is the precursor of civil war and the sooner western leaders pull their heads from the sand the sooner this problem can be tackled.

Uncontrolled Muslim immigration which is being encouraged by western leaders to fill a demographic timebomb is quite clearly not the solution, in fact the welfare and benefits systems of the worst affected countries are at breaking point.

So this plan didn't work at all and in a most spectacular way has backfired on Merkel and all the other supportive western leaders.

Open Borders has failed miserably and the proof is right there on the streets of our once peaceful towns and cities.

Every day of every week some terrible attack is inflicted on the very people that welcomed the migrants into their society, gave them money,food and shelter and of course rights which they had never enjoyed in Islamic societies.

So my question would simply be:

If the country from which they fled was really so bad then why are they hell bent on turning the peaceful western countries that are helping them - into the very same hell-hole from which they claim to have escaped?

J.Edwards EFI Editor