A female Roma inmate at the Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre was raped by a detention officer and groped by one of his colleagues, a court heard today.

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The victim was told she would be transferred from Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire (pictured) to a prison if she complained, a jury was told

The victim, who was awaiting deportation after committing a crime, was told she would be transferred to a prison if she complained, a jury was told.

Syed Hussain, 34, of Bedford, denies raping and sexually assaulting the woman in 2012.

His colleague Bodrul Islam, 30, also of Bedford, denies misconduct in a public office in 2012 by kissing and sexually touching the same woman. 

Luton Crown Court heard that the 23 year old Roma woman was in Yarl's Wood as she challenged plans to deport her back to Eastern Europe.

Prosecutor Christopher Donnellan QC said she was in a 'vulnerable' position when she arrived at the centre and, as she fought to stay in the UK, was 'reluctant to rock the boat' when the offences began.

In an outline of the case against the Hussain and Islam, Mr Donnellan told the jury: 'Each defendant took advantage of a female detainee who was in their charge. She was not a free person.'

He said the prosecution's case was that she was at a 'disadvantage' while she was held at the centre and for that reason was vulnerable.

'In many ways this case is about the abuse of power,' said the prosecutor, who went on: 'Detainees have to comply with the rules of the detention centre.'

The prosecutor said the men were employed by Serco who, at the time, ran the centre north of Clapham in Bedfordshire on behalf of the Home Office.

Each held a public office, said Mr Donnellan, and were in a position of trust and accountable to the public as to the way they carried out their duties.

The prosecutor said: 'Each took advantage of a detainee in a sexual way to a different degree.'

Mr Donnellan said Mr Hussain had groomed the victim by flirting with her soon after she arrived at Yarl's Wood.

He said when Mr Hussain had begun committing offences on the woman, which included touching her and getting her to perform a sex act on him.

With the second defendant, Mr Islam, the prosecutor said it was a 'different relationship.'

'She thought he was single and he seemed caring and she thought she was in a relationship with him,' he said

As a result, said Mr Donnellan, she agreed to kissing and sexual touching between them, including a sex act on him.

The jury was told Mr Islam was not charged with any sexual offence, but his behaviour amounted to misconduct in a public office.

Continuing his outline of the case against the men, Mr Donnellan said the victim, who is now 28 and who can't be named, had come to the UK as a child and had been born to a Roma family. Read More