Can Islamic religious sharia law override a country's domestic law in Europe? That's a question the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights is weighing.

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The Court heard a case this week that involves applying sharia law to a disagreement between citizens of Greece who are Muslims.

The non-profit organization based in London, Christian Concern, intervened in the case, "because of the importance of the case in European law and its implications for countries across Europe, including the UK," according to a news release from the organization.

"We intervened in the case in order to make clear that sharia law is fundamentally incompatible with human rights," wrote Tim Dieppe, head of public policy of Christian Concern, on the organization's website. "We hope and pray that the judges will see this and act accordingly."

Christian Concern describes sharia law as "discriminatory" and says its intervention in this case brings to light different problems stemming from the use of sharia law in the UK.

Dieppe said an estimated 85 sharia courts operate in the UK.

"The use of Sharia has led to the promotion of parallel societies within the United Kingdom," he told CBN News in a statement. "Sharia itself has disproportionately (a)ffected women and gives no legal rights to non-Muslims."

"The United Kingdom has also become the European hub for Islamic finance," he continued. "Any Grand Chamber ruling promoting the use of Sharia would only further give weight to the growing segregation of the Muslim community in England and its disassociation with democratic and British values."

The case, Molla Sali v. Greece, deals with a dispute over an inheritance. After her husband died, Sali inherited his entire estate under his will written according to Greek law.

Christian family forced to watch murder of six year old daughter

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Fri 08 Dec 2017
By Marcus Jones

A Christian family in Pakistan say they were forced to watch in horror as their child was shot in front of them after they failed to pay a debt.

Waris and Reena Masih from Faisalabad borrowed 40,000 rupees from a local lender to pay for home repairs and the arrival of their baby daughter.

When they were unable to keep up with the interest payments, a gunman reportedly visited their home.

It's claimed he started firing at Waris from afar but ended up hitting daughter Myra, aged six, in the head and the shin.

Masih says after rushing to seek medical treatment, he was turned away by one hospital and it was too late by the time they arrived at the second.

Waris Masih and family main article image

Speaking about her loss, Reena said: "I cannot express the pain. I feel deeply depressed and find it hard to carry on. I feel as if I have failed my daughter.

"It is my responsibility to my remaining children and my husband that keeps me going and the knowledge that God is now caring for my daughter in heaven where one day I will see her again and ask her to forgive me.

"I will cry and mourn my daughter every day till the day I am reunited - she will never be forgotten."

Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), said: "Living in Pakistan as a Christian is in most cases a gruesome ordeal, you live life on the margins, are severely discriminated against and persecution is only around the corner.

"Incidents like this gory tale of a young child being murdered to compensate for a missed payment on a loan shark agreement, are sadly common-place. Worse still such crimes rarely result in a prosecution as perpetrators without any compunction, are able to buy themselves out of justice using the Qisas and Diyat laws to avert proper punishment.

The BPCA has provided funds for a funeral while it is looking to provide legal assistance in an attempt to bring about justice.

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The Muslim population of the Uk is currently only around 3 or 4 percent.

That's not much you might say but already we see Muslim 'Areas' expanding, Mosques are being built on a massive scale and the rest of the population are forced to bend over backwards to accommodate Islamic demands.


The UK non-Muslim population are unwittingly consuming Halal products,  employers are forced to accomodate Muslim workers demands for special treatment because, well because they are Muslim, and if any of you dare to point these things out and question why the hell all this special treatment for the followers of a 7th century war mongering, paedophilic monster - you will without doubt be called a right-wing fascist nazi and find yourself on the receiving end of punishment under the 'Religious And Racial Hatred Act'.

So can you honestly imagine how life would be in the UK if the Muslim population was 20%?

Sadly you won't need to imagine because in as little as 20 years that is exactly what is going to happen!

Read on for the full frightening details while this Editor completes his Emigration form, I hear Poland is nice this time of year!

From The Daily Telegraph

The Muslim population of the UK is set to triple in 20 years, according to projections from the Pew Research Centre. 

Under the model which assumes median migration levels, the number of Muslims in the country would rise from 4.1m in 2016 to 13m in 2050. 

The US-based think tank says that the UK has been the major destination for economic migrants coming to Europe, while Germany has been the top destination for refugees. 

It said the research followed a "record influx of asylum seekers fleeing conflicts in Syria and other predominantly Muslim countries". 

The UK also has one of the largest gaps in fertility rates between Muslims and non-Muslims, with Muslim women having an average of 2.9 children compared to the 1.8 had by non-Muslims.

This means that even if migration were to stop completely, the group's population share would rise by more than 3 per cent in the UK, as well as in France, Italy, and Belgium.

The paper suggests that if migration continues at the same rate but refugee movement stops, the UK will have the highest overall population of Muslims in the EU, at 13m, making up 16.7 per cent of the population. 

Currently the country is behind Germany and France in overall population of Muslims. 

"Relatively few recent immigrants to the UK (60,000) were refugees, but more than 1.5 million regular migrants arrived there in recent years. 

"Overall, an estimated 43 per cent of all migrants to the UK between mid-2010 and mid-2016 were Muslims," the paper said. 

The study also shows that the UK has one of the lower levels of hostility toward refugees from Iraq and Syria. 

Just over one in three people see them as a major threat, compared to 39 per cent in France, 42 per cent in Spain and 60 per cent in Poland. 

It concluded that  people in countries with lower overall numbers of refugees were more likely to believe they were a threat. 

According to figures from the Oxford-based Migration Observatory, one in five non-UK born people in the UK is Muslim. 

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