One person has been killed and two people have been injured in a shooting in Amsterdam.

Police reported the shooting to have taken place in the Grote Wittenburgerstraat / Centrum Oost area on Friday evening.

They wrote on Twitter that "multiple shots [were] discharged, multiple casualties".

They later added; "one person died, two other people transferred to hospitals with unknown injuries."


Policemen stand guard at a closed off lane following a shooting at the Grote Wittenburgstraat in Amsterdam on January 26, 2018. AFP PHOTO / ANP / Evert Elzinga / Netherlands OUTEVERT ELZINGA/AFP/Getty Images

They said they have begun an extensive investigation.

Local media are linking the incident to another shooting in the area and they quote residents in the area who say the dead person may have been a male teenager.

According to local reports online, witnesses saw men "in balaclavas with a Kalashnikov" at the scene.

The location has been sealed off by authorities.

A burnt-out car was nearby that police believe may be linked to the shooting.

The incident is understood not to be terror-related.