A school in the German town of Lüneburg, has rescheduled a Christmas celebration after a Muslim student said its songs are incompatible with Islam.

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Yesterday German radio and TV broadcaster NDR, reported on its website that after the complaint the school postponed the Christmas celebration and made it a voluntary activity. Students are now free to choose if they want to take part in it or not.

The school principal confirmed the changes in the programme but denied it happened because of a complaint of a Muslim student. He said: “There is no fundamental decision to abolish the highly-anticipated event in Luneburg.”

According to the principal the rescheduling has something to do with the “availability of school staff” and said that the complaint was made because one of the teachers wanted to sing Christmas carols during one of the obligatory classes.

But NDR defends its article today. The director of the NDR studio in Lüneburg says about it:

“The criticism of the student has triggered the debate about the Christmas party… For this reason, the celebration was postponed.”

Recently there was a similar incident with Christmas and Muslim students in Denmark. A school in Graested canceled its traditional Christmas service because of Muslim students.

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