A family of asylum seekers set for deportation in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, took several people hostage during an attempt to deport them.

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From Breitbart

On Thursday at 3:30 am, two police officers along with a doctor and an employee of the German immigration office visited a migrant camp to process the deportation of a family from Azerbaijan. The scene quickly turned into a hostage situation after one of the family members stole a policeman’s firearm, Die Welt reports.

The family, which consisted of two parents with their two daughters and an unnamed visitor, barricaded themselves in their accommodation along with the immigration office employee and a security guard who works at the migrant camp.

One of the members of the family is said to have shot the police firearm several times during the incident, although no one was injured.

The case is just the latest headache for the German government in regards to deportations of failed asylum seekers.

In 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has yet to form a coalition government since September’s national election, promised a wave of deportations of at least 100,000 failed asylum seekers. Read More