A truck reportedly carrying more than 34,000 litres of chemicals has been stolen in Belgium – sparking a hunt by armed police. 

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Officials were called to the scene following the theft, which is alleged to have taken place in Zedelgem.

According to local news, Interpol has alerted anti-terror police across Europe to watch out for the truck. Unverified reports state that the thieves changed the number plates on the truck, according to The Sun. The substance inside the truck is said to be ‘Radiacid’, according to radio journalist Laura Alonso.

Radiacid is the term used for a number of products created by chemical manufacturer Oleon. The company’s headquarters is in Belgium.

Belgium’s Federal Police confirmed the theft to MailOnline, stating that the vehicle contained chemicals.

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The spokesperson said that ‘as far as we know’ the substance ‘cannot be used as an explosive material’. Italian media has reported that the stolen truck’s number plate is 1-QEB-708.

The spectre of terror attacks in Europe has remained high ever since the 2015 Paris terror attacks which left 130 dead in a spate of killings across the city.

Only in November a football match between Belgium and Japan, held in Brussels, was almost called off due to fears over a terror threat.

And in March 2016, the same city was rocked by the deadliest terror attacks in its history.