FIVE Afghan migrants were wounded earlier today after a gun fight took place in the northern French port of Calais.

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Gunshots were exchanged between groups of Afghanis today in the late afternoon, the local prefect’s office said.

A police source told Reuters the incident occurred during what was probably a dispute between migrant smugglers.

The shots were fired near the local Secours Catholique charity on the outskirts of Calais.

Three migrants were being treated in a Calais hospital and a fourth, who was more seriously wounded, had been transferred to a hospital in Lille.

A fifth was treated at the scene.

"An exchange of fire with the protagonists of Afghan nationality - one imagines (it is) a settling of scores between traffickers, though that still has to be confirmed," the prosecutor at nearby Boulogne said.

He added police were expected shortly to begin questioning victims and witnesses.

Calais has long been a location for migrants hoping to eventually reach Britain due to the short distance across the English Channel.

Authorities cleared the makeshift "Jungle" camp in the town last year, but people hoping to get into Britain by crossing the Channel in trains or ferries are steadily returning.

The incident comes after it was recently revealed that Britain will hand over even more moneyto France to ramp up security at the port.

The extra figure is believed to run into the tens of millions of pounds, although the final sum has not been revealed by the Home Office.