Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen has accused two banks of launching a “banking fatwa” against her party after they closed accounts used by her and the party she leads.

marine le pen

Ms Le Pen claimed the move was to “silence” the Front National, and also accused the banks of being biased for previously refusing to lend money to the party for campaigns.

The banks have responded to say they acted within regulatory requirements, and that political factors had not been contributing reasons for the closures.

The move comes seven months after the French elections saw Ms Le Pen’s party make historic gains at the ballot box, though it wasn’t enough to win her the presidency.

Emmanuel Macron, leading the newly founded En Marche party, won in a decisive run-off vote, taking 66 per cent of all votes.

“This is an attempt to suffocate an opposition party, and no democrat should accept that,” Ms Le Pen said.

She called on Mr Macron and other political parties to support her and said she would lodge complaints with the banks.

She said HSBC had closed a personal account of hers, while Societe Generale closed her party’s accounts earlier this month.

When the central bank ordered a subsidiary, Credit du Nord, to manage an account for the party, Societe Generale refused to process cheque and credit card payments.