ISIS has made a chilling new threat to British Christmas shoppers with a poster depicting an armed terrorist in London's Oxford Street.

ISIS issue new threat to Christmas shoppers with image showing armed jihadist in Londons Oxford Str

The image shows a masked jihadist - wearing an ammunition belt and rucksack - photoshopped onto a night-time snap of Europe's busiest shopping street.

In the poster, Oxford Street is packed with shoppers and double-decker buses, and decorated with festive lights and signs.

It warns: "From now onwards we will go to attack them and they will not come to attack us."

This is the terror group's latest threat to a major European city following a series of deadly attacks it has claimed responsibility for in countries including the UK and Spain.

Oxford Street, in central London, is frequently filled with pedestrians, and is said to attract more half a million workers and visitors every day.

The poster threatening a Christmastime attack was published by a pro-ISIS propaganda channel, the Wafa Media Foundation, which has created a number of menacing images in the run-up to the holidays over the years.

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