ISLAMIC State (ISIS) jihadists could target British shoppers in a sick terror attack on Black Friday, experts have warned.

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The nation's high streets and shopping centres are set to be packed with bargain-hunters snapping up Christmas presents on Friday.

But counter-terror experts fear ISIS or Al-Qaeda militants could use the sales frenzy to launch a major attack.

The National Business Crime Centre (NBCC) has warned shops to be on the look-out for terrorists during Black Friday.

The body, which is funded by the Home Office, said: "The threat from terrorism is serious, but it is important to keep it in perspective. 

"This threat comes principally from Daesh (also known as ISIL), Al-Qaeda, and groups and individuals who can be directed, encouraged or inspired by them. 

"The level of threat is complex and ranges from crudely planned attacks to sophisticated networks pursuing ambitious and coordinated plots." Read More