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The daughter of a Chechen warlord who demanded that women wear only chaste clothing has launched a sexy lingerie line that urges women to “be bold”—defying a father who says wearing such clothing will send women to eternal damnation.

Aishat Kadyrova's store in the Chechen capital of Grozny offers sexy lingerie, “intimate accessories” such as sex toys and a cosmetic to make women’s vaginas narrower, according to the BBC’s Russia service—all under the rule of her brutal father Ramzan Kadyrov, who launched a “virtue campaign” to restrict women’s clothing and has allegedly torturing and killed gay people.

Kadyrova, 18, started her newest venture after taking over a conservative Muslim fashion label, Firdaws, from her mother.

It is unclear if her family is aware of the new lingerie shop, but it is sure to raise eyebrows on the forehead of her dad, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin who is perhaps best known in the United States for his prolific Instagram posts where he poses at prayer in mosques and with celebrities and baby animals.

He was also involved in a highly-televised fight with television personality John Oliver who mocked the warlord for using Instagram to search for his missing cat. 

Back in the Russian republic of Chechnya, however, Kadyrov maintains a brutal grip on power and is accused of human rights. He uses his social media profile to promote a strict form of Islam in the Muslim-majority region, and portray his family as devout Muslims. He has publicly stated that women who wear revealing clothing will go to hell, and he has argued that polygamy is acceptable but taking a mistress is evil. He also describes himself as a foot soldier of Vladimir Putin and servant of Allah.

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'Our army and navy need to have the very best equipment — better than foreign equivalents'

 putin the people behind the trump dossier are worse than prostitutes

Russian business should be prepared to switch to production to military needs at any time, said Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. The Russian president was speaking at a conference of military leaders in Sochi.

“The ability of our economy to increase military production and services at a given time is one of the most important aspects of military security,” Mr Putin said. “To this end, all strategic, and simply large-scale enterprise should be ready, regardless of ownership.”

A day earlier, the president had spoken of a need to catch up and overtake the West in military technology. “Our army and navy need to have the very best equipment — better than foreign equivalents,” he said. “If we want to win, we have to be better.”


Since the 2008 Georgian war, which was a difficult operation, the Russian military has undergone extensive modernisation. Ageing Soviet equipment has gone. There is a new testing regime. There are new command structures. The budget has also increased exponentially. Read More